Have you successfully had a battery fault repaired under the warranty?
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Renault EV traction battery 8 year warranty - is it worth the paper it’s written on?
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I bought a used Zoe 6 months ago which had been a council owned car for the first five years and had a bought battery. The range on full charge has been pretty random and it is baffling me. It started off in the 50s and slowly increased till a peak of 88 was achieved and then it started to go down again, settling around 55-65 miles. I’ve taken it into my local Renault dealership for investigation and after reprogramming it the range went up to 101 before sliding down again pretty rapidly to 55-65. They asked me to log a history of charges, ranges, miles driven etc which I provided to them.

They have just completed a full week of investigation and say that on their chargers it charges to 93-98 every time and no fault can be found. I’ve now paid over £500 only to be told that there is nothing wrong - except in my experience the range is always 55-65 when charging from home on my granny charger and this means I can’t drive to college and back (64 miles round trip) on a single charge. They have advised checking my charger cable (though it has resulted in the same 55-65 range on 100% charge when using a public charger just recently) and other than that cannot provide me with any other help.

Does anyone have an advice? I’m at my wits end. I have a 2016 Renault Zoe 65KW Dynamique Nav 22Kwh which has done only 21,000 miles since new. The stated range when new according to Renault is 156 miles. According to the dealer a range of 95 miles is standard for a car of this age, is that correct? I thought the warranty guaranteed a range of at least 75% of initial range for 8 years. Any help will be gratefully received.
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Hi Sally,
The 22kWh Zoe is usually reported as having a 60-70 mile range in winter, 80-90 in summer. Tat will vary with route and conditions.
We are aware of a lease battery that had a significant drop in capability but continued to report 100% state of health. That wasn't a success story, as the lease company wouldn't back down and the ombudsman inexplicably agreed with them.

Certainly worth polling drivers on the Zoe Facebook page and asking Craig Tonge for his thoughts there.

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Neil Swanson