Kia eNiro BEV 30000 mile service including coolant change - quoted £485 from one dealer
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Was quoted £485 by one dealer, tried another dealer and ended up paying them their quoted £145.
Initially I had booked the service in the myKia app for £90 for first dealer who called me to say the app price was wrong and the price, due to the cost of the coolant, would be £485 (after checking on their Kia portal). Later on I booked again in the MyKia app for £80 for a second dealer. On the day of the service, they told me the price on the app didn’t include the coolant and this would take the total to £145. I went ahead with this dealer service.
I emailed Kia UK’s customer service to let them know their app had the wrong price for the 30000 mile service but they said their app was correct and though their dealer franchises had the right to charge differently, they should honour the app price. They have passed my feedback on to their technical team but said they would not be letting me know the outcome, and thanked me.
A web search leads me to believe that Kia may have changed the spec of the original Kia First Edition (2019) model’s coolant from “normal” (existing readily widely available and cheap) coloured pink, to “ultra low conductivity” bespoke and expensive (potentially being patented?) coloured blue. There are around 14 litres of coolant to be changed and the online sources were quoting possible costs of £20 to £30 per litre, and in one instance even more.
Of course, we should all take online information (even my post here) with a pinch of salt and check out alternative information sources before completely believing them.
Has anyone had a similar or different experience at their eNiro 30000 mile service - is it similar or different with the subsequent editions of the eNiro?