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Charging Tariffs

Our view on Charging Tariffs

The Association supports the introduction of tariffs for charging on the public network.  We believe that this, done properly, will enable best utilisation and availability of charge points for all.  We support the introduction of equitable tariffs based on the guidance that we offer in our Guidance Document.  

We oppose the use of connection fees, with a minimum fee offering a fair and even approach.  The price charged per kilowatt-hour should be tiered dependant on the maximum power the charge point can deliver.  We recommend that Destination Charging, up to 22kW should be set a slightly above the average price for power domestically, while at #JourneyChargers it should be at least 3 pence but ideally no more than 10 pence more.  Actual prices will need to reflect the Charge Point Owner's actual costs for energy and maintenance.

We promote the use of overstay fees where appropriate.  These are particularly important to #JourneyChargers, but may also apply to on-street chargers covered under a Traffic Regulation Order.  For longer stay carparks, local regulations should apply.

An example of a well-designed tariff can be found at Electric East Lothian