The trend for EVs is going only one way – UP!

6th Dec 2022

The trend for EVs is going only one way – UP!

Petrol car sales dropped by 5% and one in five cars bought in November was all electric, according to the latest market figures issued by New AutoMotive’s Electric Car Count (ECC) – the most up-to-date and comprehensive electric car sales data in the UK.

This is is the lowest petrol market share outside of a lockdown period.

Ben Nelmes, Chief Executive Officer, says:“It is encouraging to see the continued recovery in new car sales in the UK, after a difficult period for the market.”

“Electric vehicles have helped drive this recovery, growing again both in sales volume and market share year-on-year, while petrol sales are stuck in the slow line, with their lowest market share outside of a lockdown month.

As finance and leasing costs have risen over the last 12 months, the cost of leasing some electric models has fallen. Combined with the cheap running costs, this makes electric cars an attractive way to beat the rising cost of living.

We need to turbo-charge the growth in electric vehicle sales. Ministers should stop delaying, and publish their plans to implement a California-style zero emissions vehicle mandate so that consumers can continue to reap the benefits of the electric car revolution.”

For a full breakdown of electric vehicle sales by manufacturer, region and details of data sourcing and methodology you can view an interactive dashboard, here. You can find a summary of electric car sales over the years below, and the November ECC report here.


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