Paua welcomes Connected Kerb to its EV business roaming network

6th Jul 2022

Paua welcomes Connected Kerb to its EV business roaming network
  • Pioneering electric vehicle infrastructure provider Connected Kerb has joined Paua

  • Full technical integration means drivers can start charging and paying from today

  • One app. One card. One bill. Thousands of chargepoints and absolutely zero emissions!

    Paua, the UK’s largest independent electric vehicle roaming network for businesses, has welcomed Connected Kerb, one of the UK’s leading EV charging solution providers, to its network.

    From today, drivers utilising Paua’s EV charging solutions can find, charge, and pay for charging services on Connected Kerb’s charging network.

    Having announced an ambition to roll out 190,000 public on-street chargers by 2030 London-based Connected Kerb is demonstrating the way forward for residents with no off-street parking.

    Paua and Connected Kerb have completed all contracts as well as technical integrations meaning that drivers can start a charge today.

    Paua’s network now covers 14,800 charge point connectors across England & Wales. Recent contract signatures will extend this beyond 2,500 in the coming weeks.

    The addition of nearly 1,000 connectors at nearly 200 locations across the country is a real boost to EV aspirations of many businesses.

    Paua’s focus on commercial solutions ensures simplicity for electric vehicle fleets by providing the driver with one app to find, one card to charge, one bill for the fleet manager to recover expenses and thousands of chargepoints.

    In addition, Paua offer a strong sustainability message for businesses as they guarantee that all electricity supplied is renewable and zero emissions. A business can report to your customers that there is no carbon associated with your driving. Paua ensures that renewable electricity is used to maintain its guarantee for business drivers.

    Ben Boutcher-West, CDO of Connected Kerb, said: “Business drivers deserve the simplicity of a simple multi-brand EV charge card solution as much as everyday consumers. We are delighted to support Paua on their ongoing journey to develop the UK’s largest business charging solution. This is an essential part of enabling a full EV transition, supporting longer journeys and those that travel for work.”

    Niall Riddell, CEO and co-founder of Paua said: “Connected Kerb’s mission to ensure drivers have access to easy to use on-street EV charging is something we strongly believe in. The addition to Paua’s market-leading, UK-wide network of chargepoints is another important milestone for us as a business.”

    About Connectd Kerb

    Connected Kerb are one of the UK’s leading charging point providers, delivering future-proof, cost-effective and sustainable EV charging solutions for the public sector, developers, fleets, workplaces, car parks and other organisations to help accelerate the transition to EVs for all. Its unique solution combines power and data at the kerb to deliver user-friendly and reliable charging and provide the foundation for connected cities and communities.

    About Paua

    One app. One card. One bill. A network of thousands of electric vehicle chargepoints and zero emissions! Paua is the most efficient and accessible method for charging fleets of electric vehicles for businesses in the UK. Paua builds technology enabling fleets to decarbonise and support the UK transition to net zero emissions. Paua currently provides access to over 14,800 UK connectors with a further 2,500 due online in the coming weeks. The network will include 3,900 rapid charging connectors making it the largest rapid network in the country which is greater than BP Pulse and Tesla (both around 1,700 rapid connectors). Paua was co-founded by Niall Riddell and Andre Pinho who have been working in energy decarbonisation and technology for the last fifteen years. Contact us at and sign up at for your businesses first five RFID cards for free.


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