Paua teams up with Optimize to optimise routes and charging

9th Jan 2023

Paua teams up with Optimize to optimise routes and charging
  • Paua and Optimize collaborate to innovate
  • Optimisation of routes, schedules and charging network
  • Drives the journey to zero carbon transport

Leading electric vehicle fuel card business Paua has announced a partnership with Optimize, formerly The Algorithm People, to offer businesses a fleet optimisation solution bringing in multiple data points to enable the transition to electric vehicles. The new service incorporates vehicle routing, scheduling and charging infrastructure across the whole fleet maximising performance and efficiency, while also giving confidence around battery range.

Paua offers businesses a simple to use EV charge card, mobile app with live data and a single bill giving fleets a management dashboard to monitor performance across the fleets and access to over 22,000 charge points across the UK.

“This partnership is a demonstration of how we are evolving our offer to meet current and future customer demand,” explains Paua CEO, Niall Riddell. “Increasingly customers are looking for integrated solutions bringing together their EV duty cycles with visibility of the charging infrastructure across the whole of the fleet. Optimize are ahead of the game in this respect and we are already in discussions with a number of key customers to unlock the potential the service offers.”

Optimize deploys powerful algorithms to work across a number of customer requirements to route and schedule fleets for maximum efficiency. These applications allow businesses to reduce carbon emissions today, by optimising fleet productivity, while for the transition to net zero, the algorithms intelligently predict battery capability and available range to ensure full deployment of the EV vehicle fleet in the most efficient way.

“Working with Paua has enabled us to take a holistic approach to EV optimisation and charging points,” explains Optimize CEO Colin Ferguson. “This will bring significant benefits for customers giving them confidence the vehicles are being used in the most efficiency way, while giving the fleet owners and drivers the peace of mind regarding range and battery performance.”

    Not only does the Paua – Optimize tie up make it easier to access electric vehicles for business so that they can decarbonise, it also brings efficiency of operations through route optimisation. Together this partnership will innovate to further enhance fleets performance and save customers time and money.


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