‘One four Scottish EV charging points faulty’, claims BBC Scotland - Transport Scotland’s Response’

2nd Nov 2022

 ‘One four Scottish EV charging points faulty’, claims BBC Scotland - Transport Scotland’s Response’

In response to the BBC Scotland Disclosures programme inference that EV charge point infrastructure in Scotland is under performing, Transport Scotland issued the following statement:

A Transport Scotland spokesperson said:

“We have invested significantly to ensure that Scotland has an extensive, reliable public charging network. Last year this network was used successfully over 1.7 million times by EV drivers in Scotland. However we acknowledge that there may be issues from time to time with availability. We haven’t been provided with the full data ahead of broadcast, and so cannot yet verify the findings put forward by the BBC, but we will carefully consider this analysis alongside our own data.

“The network operator has worked hard to improve reliability and we are now seeing the benefits of this approach with an overall uptime of between 95% and 97%. However, we want it to be even better, which is why reliability, alongside accessibility and availability are at the heart of our draft vision for Scotland’s public electric vehicle charging network.

“Most local authorities have already removed free charging tariffs, and by working with partners to create the conditions for more private sector investment, coupled with our new public EV infrastructure fund – we can deliver public charging infrastructure which supports the 18,000 domestic and business charge points already delivered as part of Scotland’s wider charging mix.”

EVA Scotland director, Neil Swanson commented:

“EVA Scotland is aware of the need to further improve the availability and reliability of Scotland’s public charge point network. The BBC Scotland Disclosures programme appears, in this case, not been able to access consistent and concurrent data in its report

As Transport Scotland indicates, the network has an overall uptime of between 95% and 97% and the operator is seeking to further improve these figures.

In numerous surveys, figures show that over 80% of EV owners charge their cars from home which assists the public charging network availability for those EV drivers who have no driveway access.

EVA Scotland will always advocate that the public charging network is fit for purpose and that our members enjoy the benefits, both environmentally and economically that electric vehicles bring. In one of the largest surveys of our members and existing EV owners we found that over 96% of owners said they were satisfied with their EVs and whilst there were some problems associated with public charging, it was not a factor that would prevent them from choosing an electric vehicle again.

“All EV owners want to see further development and growth of Scotland’s EV charging infrastructure which EVA Scotland supports… and we are calling on national and local government and the charge-point supply industry to respond.

“Our survey clearly showed that electric vehicle drivers across Scotland are unanimous in their commitment to, and expectations for, the future of EVs as the preferred mode of transportation.”



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