Octopus and Ohme offer ‘ultimate’ EV package…an amazing offer for prospective EV drivers

8th Jul 2022

Octopus and Ohme offer ‘ultimate’ EV package…an amazing offer for prospective EV drivers

...By Natalie Middleton courtesy of Fleet World News

* New car

* Servicing and maintenance

* Ohme Home Pro smart charger

* 5,000 mls of free charging

* AA breakdown assistance

The ‘ultimate ‘ EV package bundles up a new car, Ohme Home Pro smart charger, EV energy tariff for your home and 5,000 miles of free charging

It’s targeted at both private drivers and opt-out grey fleet drivers – and Octopus is even bringing the solution to the US market, where it’s setting up a second country base.

In the UK, customers’ monthly bills cover the car, tyres, servicing, repair and breakdown assistance from the AA – everything they need for hassle-free electric motoring.

The Octopus team can help drivers pick the right car, answer any questions and guide them through the entire process. The Octopus team has also pre-ordered popular EVs to help drivers beat long lead times.

The offer also includes Octopus’s Intelligent Octopus tariff and a free Ohme Home Pro charger.

Said to be the UK’s first 100% flexible charging tariff, Intelligent Octopus uses Octopus’s energy flexibility platform – KrakenFlex – to charge when it’s best for the energy system. The green energy tariff has a low-cost window of six hours, during which the cost is just 7.5p / kWh.

And as Octopus Electric Vehicle’s only approved charger supplier, Ohme’s Home Pro smart charger seamlessly works with KrakenFlex to optimise the charging, keeping costs low and helping to balance the grid at the same time.

Drivers will also receive 5,000 free miles on the tariff. If they don’t have access to home charging, they’ll get 5,000 free miles on Octopus’s Electric Juice Network, with access to 250,000 chargers across Europe.


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