Misinformation and magical thinking leads to misleading article in The Sun newspaper

11th Oct 2022

Misinformation and magical thinking leads to misleading article in The Sun newspaper

A report from FairFuelUK and CEBR that claims banning petrol and diesel cars from 2030 could cost every household £14,700 has been discounted as “misinformation”’

Ben Nelmes, Chief Executive of New AutoMotive, responded by saying:

“The 2030 Ban Analysis report by FairFuelUK and CEBR is a catalogue of misinformation and magical thinking. It fails to include fuel cost savings, while also assuming that EVs will remain the same price until 2050 and ICE cars will become twice as fuel efficient in that period – all of these claims are wrong.

“EVs are cheaper to run than petrol or diesel cars. Any short-term costs of switching will be offset by significant medium to long-term savings, and the transition itself is going to save UK motorists £193 billion between now and 2050.

“The calculations of the report itself are simplistic and also don’t consider the other important benefits that the 2030 ban on petrol and diesel brings. Where are the billions of pounds of predicted cost savings to the NHS from reduced air pollution in towns and cities? Where are the figures of the thousands of new jobs created in the growing EV sector?

“We can see that businesses reliant on fossil fuels and incumbent energy suppliers are resistant to the EV transition because it will disrupt their business and profits; this isn’t a good enough reason to create a report to put consumers off making the switch themselves. The facts show that switching to an electric vehicle is overwhelmingly positive for individual motorists – be that in cost, health, or environmental benefits.”


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