Milestone Target hit by ubitricity

16th Dec 2022

Milestone Target hit by ubitricity

The UK’s top lamppost charging provider, ‘ubitricity’, has reached a major milestone. The company has now installed its 6,000th charge point in its journey towards 50,000 EV CP target by 2025.

.A spokesperson commented: “ We’d like to take a step back and thank the whole ubitricity team! Running the UK’s largest public EV charging network is no small feat, and it wouldn’t be possible without the amazing work of the ubitricity team.

“We are on a mission to make EV charging easier for everyone in the UK, and the roll-out shows no sign of stopping! Find your nearest charge point here

NOTE: ubitricity is a Shell subsidiary business that, since 2008 been on a mission to make this energy available anytime, everywhere and for all EV drivers.

ubitricity stands for ubiquitous electricity – because the energy needed to transition to e-mobility is already available everywhere.

Its innovative lamppost charge points ensure that EVs can be charged where they are parked.


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