Largest Charging Hub in Scotland

15th Sep 2020

Largest Charging Hub in Scotland

​East Lothian opened their incredible Wallyford Park and Choose Hub last week. It’s been one of many projects impacted by Covid 19. Offering two High Power Chargers, (HPCs) one at 150kW and one at 100kW, each capable of charging two cars simultaneously. They have been sited in long pass through bays, allowing for vans, buses and trailers to access charging. Also on site are a very useful 32 7kW bays for commuters accessing rail or bus travel onwards into Edinburgh or beyond.

The design of the site offers accessible bays, lighting and CCTV coverage. Access to Wallyford Railway Station is a short walk, with buses just a few metres away from the chargers. Just before it opened we were invited along to see the last of the charge profile testing and some larger and longer vehicles accessing the HPCs.

Future developments may include rental e-bikes, refreshments and possibly even a picnic table or two.


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