Fuuse launch new end-to-end EV transition solution for Fleets

8th Aug 2022

Fuuse launch new end-to-end EV transition solution for Fleets

Charge point management platform Fuuse have today unveiled a new enterprise fleet solution to accelerate the journey to electric fleets. Building on the company’s electric vehicle charging software, Fuuse Fleet’s suite of tools supports fleet managers through the journey to fleet electrification. From initial transition planning and site readiness to infrastructure installation, and charger operation and maintenance, Fuuse Fleet gives fleet managers the confidence and evidence they need to make key decisions for their electric fleet.

Fuuse Fleet starts with a transition planning tool that utilises telematics data. This provides fleets with information on which vehicles can transition immediately to electric, including any changes that can be made to existing routes to maximise the number of vehicles that can transition. Using historic and live site energy data Fuuse Fleet’s infrastructure planning tools and reports investigate whether sites have enough electrical capacity to handle charging needs now and in the future, and feed this into capacity planning that determines the infrastructure needed to support the fleet transition.

Fuuse then draws upon their network of nationwide installers and hardware partners to project manage the implementation of charging infrastructure, whilst the Fuuse back-office charge point management system is fully configured to meet the operational, maintenance and cost-management requirements of the fleet.

The delivery of Fuuse Fleet is supported by a number of new hires, including Thomas Arapura, new Head of Product Strategy, who joins from Centrica; and Russell Olive, Head of Fleet, from MiX Telematics. Both bring together extensive expertise in the telematics and energy industries to help shape Fuuse’s latest fleet offering.

Russell Olive, Head of Fleet at Fuuse said:

“When I talk to fleet managers, I’m posed with the same question: where do I start? They all know they need to make the transition and that the timer is ticking. At Fuuse we’ve built a solution that takes the mystery away, making sense of a whole new world backed by the data that fleets are very comfortable with. So that initial transition piece is an absolutely vital foundation to the success of any fleet transition. This is a really exciting proposition for the future of electric fleets.”

Thomas Arapura, Head of Product Strategy said:

“Fleets, more than most, have an important part to play in the EV rollout - but they can’t do this on their own. It is our responsibility as innovators in this sector to make that transition as painless and efficient as possible. We have the expertise and the industry connections to offer a comprehensive solution, which we’ve built through the lens of solving the problems fleets often encounter in their electrification journey. Building on our core charging platform, Fuuse Fleet provides a holistic end-to-end solution which looks to demystify the EV transition journey and enables Fleet managers to get the most out of their charging infrastructure.”

Fuuse’s new fleet solutions also include a fully managed maintenance service including 24/7 driver support; and partner approach to ongoing success – ensuring fleets can get the most out of their charging infrastructure as they scale their electric operations.


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