Fastned locations to be rated by ChargeSafe

10th Oct 2022

Fastned locations to be rated by ChargeSafe

...courtesy of Transport & Energy

Charge point provider Fastned has signed up to have its infrastructure evaluated by endorsements body ChargeSafe.

The Dutch firm’s UK charging locations will be rated out of five based on over 60 criteria for safety and accessibility.

Scores will be made publically available to help drivers make informed decisions about where to power up their electric vehicles.

Fastned UK manager Tom Hurst said the firm had a “mission to bring freedom to electric drivers”.

“Freedom means not worrying about when and where you’re going to charge; knowing there are enough chargers, that they’ll work, and that payment will be smooth and easy,” he explained. “You also want to feel safe, comfortable and secure when charging.

“ChargeSafe’s mission to drive up consumer standards echoes our own. We are proud not only to improve our offering, but to support Chargesafe in raising the profile of the importance of safe, accessible and comfortable charging for all drivers.”

ChargeSafe co-founder Kate Tyrrell (pictured) said the scheme aimed to identify areas for improvement, champion good practice and ultimately create a more inclusive charging experience.

“We’re delighted to be working with a leading European rapid charging network such as Fastned and we hope other charging networks follow suit soon to give drivers better charge options when considering their safety and accessibility needs,” she added.

The Electric Vehicle Association of Scotland welcomed the tie-up and urged more providers to follow suit.

Chief executive James Court said: “It’s great to see another major charge point operator commit to the highest standards for their stations.

“Accessible, safe and reliable charging is going to be critical for the continued uptake of electric vehicles. With growing momentum behind the ChargeSafe commitment, we hope to see more operators sign up to improve safety and accessibility across the board.”



One thing that does need to be addressed is some kind of logging in and or queuing arrangement at busy sites. At the moment it’s very ad hoc and do it yourself and can lead to unpleasantness if people try, or other people think others are queue jumping.

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