EVs Much cheaper to run than ICEs - new survey finds

12th Oct 2022

EVs Much cheaper to run than ICEs - new survey finds

Data from New AutoMotive’s new ‘fuel cost tracker’ has revealed that electric cars can be half as cheap to run as petrol or diesel vehicles, despite recent soaring energy costs.

The data found that drivers charging at home on electric vehicle (EV) tariff save just over 56% compared to petrol or diesel per-mile costs. EVs are still nearly a quarter cheaper (24%) for those who charge at home on a standard energy tariff.

Energy prices rises have made it harder to monitor changes to the relative running cost of petrol, diesel and electric cars - but the tracker solves this problem. You can access the first edition of the tool here.

Ben Nelmes, Co-founder and Head of Policy at transport research organisation New AutoMotive, commented: “Our new Fuel-Cost Tracker tool will bring clarity for motorists, analysts and policymakers by providing an authoritative and up-to-date way to monitor how running costs are changing over time.

A key finding of our analysis is that the government’s new energy price cap means that EVs are still cheaper to run than polluting diesel or petrol cars.”


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