Disabled driver survey to investigate

21st Jun 2022

Disabled driver survey to investigate

Disabled motorists are not prepared for the change to electric vehicles, according to anecdotal evidence gathered by Disabled Motoring UK and so the organisation is to conduct a major survey to investigate further.

This follows grant funding from the National Lottery.

Heidi Turner, Communications and Campaigns Director said: “We are seeking the views of disabled motorists regarding their knowledge of EVs and EV charging infrastructure.

“From 2030 the government is banning the sale of new petrol and diesel cars and DMUK is worried about the impact that this will have on disabled motorists. Anecdotal evidence which the charity has gathered so far suggests to us that disabled motorists are not prepared for this change. Many think it won’t affect them and an EV is not suitable for their needs but be assured this change will affect all motorists.

More and more electric vehicles are coming to market all the time and battery technology has come a long way since the first EVs hit the roads. Disabled motorists might have ruled out an EV in the past, but there might be something that now suits their needs. Disabled motorists need to start thinking about this switch over now.

Over the past few years DMUK has been involved in several EV projects and the worrying news is that the public charging infrastructure for EVs is completely inaccessible to many disabled motorists. It is thought that roughly 40% of households will not have the facilities and access at their home to have an at home charging point installed, so will be reliant on public charging infrastructure. With the fastest rapid charge taking at least 20 minutes, a big proportion of the population will have to completely rethink refuelling - or what will be the new normal - re-charging! It won’t be a case of just popping to the local petrol station while running another errand or going to work, charging will be the reason for the journey. The way in which we think about getting fuel for our vehicles will completely change.

Access to EV survey

DMUK is researching the preparedness of disabled people for the switch over to EVs. We will be conducting a survey over the next 3 months asking for disabled motorist’s thoughts on EVs and charging infrastructure. We want to know their opinions and worries surrounding EVs and charging so we can plan our campaigning work accordingly. This project will inform DMUK’s involvement with the EV switch over and provide valuable data going forward to show government and business what needs to be addressed to make sure that EVs and charging is accessible for all.

Disabled Motoring UK is the national charity which supports disabled drivers, passengers and Blue Badge holders. We work with government and businesses to improve parking, refuelling and access provision for disabled people, so that they can access the goods and services that they need. Disabled Motoring UK is not just an organisation for disabled motorists; we also campaign for and support scooter and wheelchair users, families and carers.

The survey may be complete online by visiting:


For more information please contact:

Heidi Turner

Communications and Campaigns Director


01508 489449


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