ChargeUp Europe alliance launched

10th Apr 2020

ChargeUp Europe alliance launched

The ChargeUp Europe alliance, initially between EVBox, Allego and Chargepoint is an infrastructure association seeking to smooth and improve both the experience for vehicle drivers as well as the process for rolling out the broader infrastructure needed.


ChargeUp Europe represents the Electric Vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure sector. We pursue an
expeditious and effortless roll out of EV charging infrastructure in Europe. We advocate for policies
that support investment, remove market barriers and facilitate the smooth uptake of electric vehicles
and a seamless driver experience for European citizens. We act as a center of expertise for the
sector with the aim to educate and inform policy makers, stakeholders and the general public about
the important role of EVs and the related infrastructure for achieving zero-emission transportation.

Read more on their Foundational values here, and read more about a recent webinar on the European Alternative Fuels Observatory here.


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