CampervanCo launches the world’s first zero-emissions campervan the Proace Eco REVOLUTION

2nd Feb 2023

CampervanCo launches the world’s first zero-emissions campervan the Proace Eco REVOLUTION

Innovative 2-in-1 eco-camper switches effortlessly from 7-seat MPV to 4-berth campervan, all while helping to tackle climate change

The transformation to full-electric has finally arrived in the campervan market, with the launch of the Proace Eco REVOLUTION - the first ever commercially available multi-purpose, zero-emissions, all-electric campervan.

The new model, designed and converted by the UK’s eco-campervan specialists, CampervanCo, showcases all the latest technology aimed at reducing RV emissions to zero, way ahead of the UK government’s 2030 deadline.

With a range of up to 205 miles in the 75kW and 144 in the 50kW versions, the Toyota Proace EV offers fully independent zero-emissions driving and zero-emissions outdoor living. The innovative camper conversion provides luxury, sustainable leisure facilities with up to 930 watts of solar power to keep things like the super-fast induction hob, fridge, lights and cutting-edge, zero-emissions heating going for days.

With enough power to run all of your appliances for up to two weeks, without the need for a mains hook-up or intermittently running the engine to top-up the battery while parked,   the Proace Eco REVOLUTION delivers unrivalled, zero-emissions off-grid living. The high-power leisure battery can be fully recharged in just 48 minutes, when using a rapid charger, keeping campers happy and on the open road for longer.

On top of its impressive environmental credentials, the Proace Eco REVOLUTION also scores big on flexibility - with unrivalled multipurpose, multi-seat facilities. Its ingenious, lightweight design allows the seats and kitchen to be easily removed/attached for seamless switching between a 7-seat MPV and 4-berth camper. This offers the best of both worlds, with campervan owners no longer having to own and run a campervan as well as a family car - so reducing emissions and costs all year round.

The message about climate change has really hit home with campervan owners. In our recent survey, 75.5% said they plan to switch to all electric by 2030, with 14% ready to make the switch this year. And of all the great features and benefits, 70.7% believe zero-carbon emissions is the best feature of electric campers, 11.7% point to cheaper fuel, while 7.9% feel the ability to go completely off-grid is the key feature.

Gary Hayes, CEO & Founder of CampervanCo stated, “We are extremely proud to be launching the first fully zero-carbon, all-electric campervan. We have seen a huge increase in demand for hybrid and electric eco-campers since we launched them in 2016. Virtually every enquiry we receive is from someone who wants to minimise their carbon footprint, and visits to our website have increased six-fold since the summer.

“There are three elements to decarbonising campervans and we are the first to achieve all three. These are zero emissions on the drivetrain, zero emissions from off-grid leisure use, such as heating, lighting, refrigeration and cooking; and having a vehicle that can fulfil multiple roles for every-day use. Unlike other campervans, the Proace REVOLUTION has the flexibility to be a daily family vehicle for up to seven people.”

Download images of the Eco Proace REVOLUTION here.

CampervanCo will be showcasing the Eco Proace REVOLUTION at the Camping, Caravan and Motorhome Show 2023, taking place at the Birmingham NEC during 21st -26th February. Come and experience the all-electric revolution at Stand 5082a.


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