Allstar announces partnership with Connected Kerb

23rd Sep 2022

Allstar announces partnership with Connected Kerb

Allstar, the UK’s leading fuel and EV solutions company, today announces its latest partnership with EVA Scotland corporate member Connected Kerb, one of the UK’s leading charging point providers.

The partnership means that Allstar’s on the road solution, Allstar One Electric, is now accepted at an additional 912 long stay chargers across 189 locations in the UK on Connected Kerb’s charging network.

Connected Kerb’s technology proposition is aimed specifically at long stay charging and their charge points are found mainly on roadside and in residential areas, as well as in hotel carparks and leisure parks. The partnership allows Allstar to expand its on the road offering to those that need to charge their fleet vehicles overnight but do not have access to at-home charging facilities.

Currently, 60%
of UK residents do not have access to a driveway or have the ability to install a charger at home, potentially deterring the adoption of EVs. Therefore, this partnership is crucial milestone for Allstar’s network to offer long stay charging, further helping fleet operators and their employees to make the switch to EV.

Connected Kerb brings Allstar’s overall charge point total up to over 8,400 with over 3,000 locations. Allstar’s ever expanding electric charging network now includes: Geniepoint, Source London, ESB Energy, Osprey, Alfa Power, Franklin LiFe, Mer, Plug-N-Go, Charge My Street, Allego and Gridserve. Not only will the addition of Connected Kerb substantially increase Allstar’s network size, but it will further drive inclusivity for those drivers that do not have the ability to recharge their vehicles at home.

Tom Rowlands, Managing Director, Global EV Solutions at Allstar Business Solutions said: “As the UK’s fleets continue to transition to EVs, it is crucial that we continue to enhance our proposition to account for customers with long stay charging needs. This new alliance with Connected Kerb provides our customers with a low power, low cost and low impact residential solution, reducing driver anxiety as their vehicle will be able to charge fully overnight and reduce potentially timely on-the-road charging breaks.

Chris Pateman-Jones, CEO of Connected Kerb, commented: “With a focus on providing affordable, reliable and accessible long-dwell charging point infrastructure across the UK, we aim to promote and accelerate the adoption of EVs and speed up the transition to a more sustainable future. Of course, we cannot do this alone, which is why we are delighted to partner with Allstar to increase EV adoption amongst the UK’s fleets.


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