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https://www.voltagebike.co.ukThe Scottish e-bike company VoltAge has the ambition to bring affordable, comfortable, e-bike travel to support green travel and health. Mike Gardner tells us more.

VoltAge Bikes is the brainchild of Mike Ward and Gardner T Hamilton. Having been friends and avid cyclists for many years. We have followed the rise of electric bikes with great interest. We are also very interested in climate change and sustainable green travel options.

We started building e-bikes in 2018, whilst working from home.  Gardner is the bike mechanic and looks after the bike building and stock of parts, with, Mike in charge of sales and marketing.

Initially, we were converting customers pedal cycles to e-bikes (and still do) but customers were looking for a more customised bike.  One with the comfort and build quality of a moped, but still legally a pedal bike that can be used on cycle tracks as well as the public highway.

We researched worldwide, and tried out as many e-bikes models as we could, but decided the only way to get the quality and customisation our customers wanted, was to source the parts individually and build the bikes ourselves.

We now produce an e-bike that is of very high build quality, customisable, very comfortable to ride for long distances, and unique to VoltAge bikes. Customers can choose their bike colours as well as accessories like a windscreen, cargo pod, 2nd battery, and even front and rear cameras. Our bikes are individually made to order and are suitable for commuting to work, local deliveries, or just for fun. Many of our customers are seasoned cyclists who perhaps due to age or injury are struggling with the hills.  Our bikes bring the fun back into cycling for them.  A recent customer has our bikes attached to their mobile home, so they can go on cycle runs during their holidays.

The 2021 VoltAge bike features hydraulic suspension front and rear.  Hydraulic disk brakes on both wheels.  Assistance is from a 48-volt rear hub high torque electric motor, powered from a 460Wh  Lithium-Ion battery, removable for charging or storage. The bike also comes with head and tail lights and turn indicators. Security is inbuilt with a remote control motion-sensing alarm system, while power can be turned on and of using a key or remotely with a key fob. A really useful feature is the capability to carry a rear passenger up to bikes recommended weight limit. The motor-assisted top speed is restricted to 15.5 mph to keep it UK road legal. This can be removed for use in other countries or use on private land. The current price of our bikes is £1499 + any accessories you wish to be added during the build. The bike can be used by anyone over the age of 14, without the need for a licence, road tax, mot, and insurance.

Our mission statement is to enable the people of Scotland to have access to an affordable priced high quality, comfortable electric bicycle, thus encourage light exercise and outdoor activity while, making short commutes and frequent pleasure rides more enjoyable and accessible, bringing a new dimension of fun to cycling. We also hope to lower Scotland's CO2 emissions and overall carbon footprint while reducing traffic and parking concerns in our towns and cities.

We are not looking to sell 100’s of bikes (although that would be wonderful) we are more concerned in supplying a bespoke, affordable, quality bike to our customers, whilst giving 100% customer care and service.  Our customers are also our friends, and we are arranging to meet up next year for group excursions.

You can find out more about VoltAge Bikes on our website or on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AgeOfVolts

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