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Unique 48v pedal assisted bicycle that looks rides feels and rides like a moped. No licence, no tax, no insurance, no mot, no registration. Its A BIKE. 16p recharge for up to 50km of silent transport with the most comfortable seat on the market.

• How much does the VoltAge Bike cost?
The current retail sales price is set at £1699 for the new 2021 HLX models this may increase during the brexit process so we recommend pre ordering now.

• How much does the VoltAge Bike weigh?
The weight of the VoltAge Bike is 48kg

• How fast will the VoltAge Bike go?
The VoltAge Bike has to comply with UK law. The VoltAge Bike has a top assisted speed limited to 15.5 mph which is the legal limit that any electric pedal assisted cycle can offer. However it will freewheel much faster downhill.

• Is the VoltAge Bike legal to ride on road and footpath?
Yes it is perfectly legal to ride this bicycle on paths and on public roads provided rider complys to UK cycle laws and guidelines.

• How far will the VoltAge Bike take me on a single charge?
On an average you can expect 40 to 50 km per charge, this can vary up or down depending on rider weight and terrain. Correct tyre pressures also aid in range performance.

• How much does it cost to charge the VoltAge Bike battery?
Based on an average UK electrical tariff the battery shall charge for £0.16 ( charge time approx 6hrs)

• Do i need a licence to ride a VoltAge Bike?
As this is legally a bicycle you will not require a licence to ride.

• Does the VoltAge Bike have an age or body weight restriction?
To ride this bike you must be 14 yrs or older as with all electric bikes in UK. The recommended weight capacity is 120kg.

• Do i need a special power socket to charge the VoltAge Bike Battery?.
No special socket or electrics are needed to charge your bike. The charger provided plugs directly to your 3 pin sockets at home.

• Does the VoltAge Bike come with a warranty? have 12 months 6000km warranty on parts and labour (excluding accident or missuse damage or damage through modifications)

• What colours or VoltAge Bikes are available?
A great range of colours to make it your own. Ice White, Sunburst Orange, Matt black and Gloss black.

• If i pre order… how long until my VoltAge Bike is ready?
Currently due to volume of pre orders we can expect your bike to be ready to deliver with 1 week. If we do not have your specific model in stock it would be a maximum of 7 weeks. Good things take time

• Does the VoltAge Bike come in a box or ready to ride?
We can provide in a box if you wish where we shall build 96% for you....all thats left is to screw on the handlebars...pop front mudguard on and insert front wheel, then add the mirrors and pedals. Then you are good to go. Takes about 30mins. instructions are downloadable on our OWNERS HANDBOOK page of website.

• Is the VoltAge Bike delivered or do i have to collect it?
We can deliver to you boxed anywhere in Scotland. You can also come to us to collect boxed or completely built bikes.

• Do i need to wear a helmet while riding the VoltAge Bike?
As with any bicycle a helmet is always the best idea but at this time not enforced by law.

Check us out at :-
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I do have an e-bike, and I like it: mine cost well under £1400 - all I can say is this: shop around!

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