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EVA view on East Lothian Tariffs
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EVA state that East Lothian is a good model for charging for the future. Really!!!! When travelling on a long journey you would use one of their fast chargers. They charge 30p per KW despite purchasing this for probably 11 pence. If it is cold and you are driving on motorways you will get 3.5 miles per KW, if you car is less efficient like an Audi or Peugeot you would get under 3 probably 2.5 miles. My wife's 4x4 diesel SUV would cost less per mile for these journeys so park up your electric car and use a diesel SUV, which is bad for the environment. How does this blatant profiteering help the cause of getting people into electric vehicles!!! Scottish Borders and Edinburgh on the other hand currently the fast chargers are free. I have no objection for paying, but promoting on this website the non environmentally friendly overcharging by East Lothian Council as an example for the future shows how out of touch with reality EVA is.