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I have a couple of questions on this topic if I may?

First is does anyone having any recommendations for a Roadside Assistance service offered by one of the breakdown organisations? I've looked at the offerings online and while some make reference to being able to cope with some aspects of EVs, but none seem to go as far as to say they embrace EVs and are actively looking for EV business?

Second, is a little more tricky. I have recently purchased an Approved Used BMW from a pucker BMW dealership. Having purchased Approved Used BMWs before I was expecting to get the BMW Roadside Assistance included in the deal. Not having received any welcome pack I revisited my sale documentation and it makes no reference to any such service which I thought disappointing. However, BMW make a big deal online about every BMW Approved Used car coming with a minimum of BMW Roadside Assistance and Warranty. Has anyone else got any experience relating to this aspect of purchasing a used car they are willing to share?

Thanks in advance, Nigel...
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Can't offer answers to specific questions about BMW offerings, but recommend contacting them directly. My breakdown cover is in three Insurers, LV, include 'out of charge' take you to a charger cover as part of my policy, with an option for full breakdown cover. My bank provides breakdown cover, and the Nissan service includes a full year of pan-European cover. In four years, I have used all of that for one (less than a mile!) flatbed journey to a charger, and one puncture.

Might be worth checking with your insurer if they provide any EV specific cover like that.

The evidence is clear that EV reliability is phenomenal, there are some vehicles with known issues, but very much a minority.

The Nissan service cover is nice, but my last Nissan service will be my last with Nissan, coverage from insurer and bank are more than adequate, and very cost effective.

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Neil Swanson