ZipCharge ‘GoHub’ modular EV charging station revealed

The fixed charging station contains up to 10 of the company’s suitcase-sized ZipCharge Go portable chargers, capable of adding 20 miles of range in around 30 minutes  


The ZipCharge Go was only revealed in late 2021, but the British company behind it has already found a new way of utilising the suitcase-sized EV chargers. The GoHub is a fixed station containing up to 10 of the portable power banks, allowing drivers to simply rent one when they need to.

Designed to help accelerate the growth of the UK’s charging infrastructure, ZipCharge claims that the GoHub is three times cheaper than a regular on-street charging-point, and three times faster to install. A 4kWh charge from one the wheeled chargers expected to cost £1; adding 20 miles of range should take around half an hour.

A smaller version of the GoHub that can house five chargers has also been revealed, but both are designed to fit in a regular parking space. Alternatively, GoHubs can be placed on the pavement or close to where power can be fed to it, in order to keep the power banks topped up. ZipCharge says because it’s modular and flexible in size, the GoHub is suitable for a range of locations, including on-street, in car parks, at work, and in private environments.

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