SWARCO ChargePlace Scotland Audit

Following successful award of the CPS contract, SWARCO must complete an audit of all ChargePlace Scotland assets to verify locations and establish a baseline of the estate condition. This will allow them to identify any areas of concern and take a snapshot of the network from a user experience point of view.

We are inviting all full members of EVA Scotland to engage in a community-led approach, where you can actively be involved with the audit of charge points in your area on a voluntary basis. This is a unique opportunity which allows EVA Scotland members to take an active role in the bigger picture.

How to take part

Particiants would be granted access to SWARCO Office 365 using a temporary email address. This allows access to Sharepoint and the audit data form. You may be required to download Microsoft Power Apps to your phone or tablet. 

A user guide will be provided, and SWARCO will be able to offer direct support. Photographs of each location can be taken using the app and uploaded to the cloud at the point of audit, or by editing details later (particularly important for areas with poor data signal).

Please note that taking part in SWARCO ChargePlace Scotland Audit is based entirely on a voluntary basis and will not include any additional expenses.

Covid-19 Considerations

At present mainland Scotland is in a Level 4 lockdown. The following locations come under Level 3 criteria: 

* Orkney

* Shetland

* The following islands within Argyll and Bute: Coll, Colonsay, Erraid, Gometra, Iona, Islay, Jura, Mull, Oronsay, Tiree, and Ulva

* All islands in Highland, except for Skye, which comes within the national restrictions

In each case, by law, people can only leave their home (or garden) if they have a reasonable excuse. Under Exceptions for travel people can leave home to “travel for work or an activity associated with seeking employment, or to provide voluntary or charitable services, but only where that cannot be done from your home”. 

Under that criteria, and with permission from Transport Scotland plus a letter of comfort from SWARCO, it is expected that volunteers will be able to travel within their local authority areas for the purposes of this audit. SWARCO engineers and associated staff are classed as essential workers. 

It is expected that all volunteers will follow relevant F.A.C.T.S guidelines with respect to COVID-19. A risk assessment has been created specific to COVID-19 and site surveys. 

Anyone exhibiting COVID symptoms, or who has been in contact with anyone who has tested positive should not take part in the audit. Volunteers should not share a vehicle with anyone from another household as per official advice. 

More information is available here: 

Raise money for charity

There are over 1,200* public chargers in Scotland. For the purposes of the audit, a charger is identified as a unique CPID. The unit may have 2 or more sockets / cables. 

Each CPID audited will attract a bounty of £5.00. This applies to both AC posts and rapid chargers. The £5.00 applied to each audit will be donated to Trees for Life

Please note that only full members of EVA Scotland are able to take part in the SWARCO ChargePlace Scotland Audit. If you would like to register your interest in taking part please click here