Rolls Royce introduces the ‘Spectre EV’

Torsten Müller-Ötvös CEO of Rolls-Royce Motor Cars...said of the introduction of the 'Spectre EV'

'Today is the most important day for Rolls-Royce Motor Cars since the company was founded in 1904. It is the moment that we finally reveal Spectre, our first all-electric motor car, to the world.

This product represents a bold, electric vision for our brand. It is a symbol of our unrelenting pursuit of perfection and it shows, categorically, why Rolls-Royce occupies its pinnacle position in the super-luxury sector: we lead because we listen.

In partnership with our clients, and based on their feedback and desires – as well as our own unrivalled fluency in the luxury market – we have created a product that will propel the world’s most progressive and influential women and men into a brilliant, electrified future.

Over the last two months, our clients have travelled from all over the world to view Spectre in a secure facility on the grounds of our home here in Goodwood, West Sussex. I am delighted to tell you that the response has been emphatically positive.'

Every client I met expressed their sincere congratulations – to our designers who so accurately responded to their request for a highly emotional and desirable body style; our craftspeople who created such innovative and contemporary expressions of luxury; our Bespoke specialists for inspiring their creativity; and our engineers who continue to relentlessly and meticulously test Spectre around the world.

With this extraordinary product we set out our credentials for the full electrification of Rolls-Royce by the end of 2030. Today, more than ever, it feels like the electric era is what Rolls-Royce Motor Cars has been driving towards since it was founded – an elevated expression of effortlessness, power and historical endurance.

I am extremely proud to share our first steps into this bold new era with you, as I trust Charles Rolls and Sir Henry Royce would be too. These pioneers began the most remarkable journey in automotive history, and it is one I am hugely privileged to be part of.''