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A “step-change” in UK’s EV charging rollout required if we are to deliver by 2030 - Transport + Energy

In a new report, industry leaders – including experts from EY, UKPN, Motability, Mitie Group PLC and Connected Kerb – have unanimously call for a “step change” in the ambition of the UK’s EV charging rollout to deliver the 2030 ban on new petrol and diesel cars and support the UK’s net zero goals.

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New report calls for “step-change” in UK’s EV charging rollout to deliver by 2030 – transportandenergy 


Three of the world largest vehicle manufacturers are to invest over £20 billion in an alliance that will transform the electric vehicle market across the globe

Renault, Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors say they will jointly launch 35 new electric vehicles over the next five years. The vehicles will use one of five common platforms, the main parts on which vehicles are built.

Nissan Motor Co. will lead in developing a next-generation battery for the electric vehicles, while Renault will lead in developing electronics and software to connect millions of vehicles and provide digital services and features. They also signalled a huge increase in global battery production.


Now General Motors Invests - big style

Joining the rush to EVs is General Motors whose Chair and CEO Mary Barra,  announces the company's $7 billion investment into manufacturing electric vehicles and battery cells in Michigan. 


Fleet News

The Association of Fleet Professionals (AFP) has appointed Field Dynamics as data partner for its national electric vehicle (EV) kerbside charging demand map.

The online resource, expected to be launched at the end of Q1, will show where fleet drivers reside who need kerbside charging, generally because of living in a property with no drive, meaning private charging cannot be installed.

Field Dynamics partner Charlie Gilbert said: “This project will involve harvesting, cleansing and processing information largely provided by the AFP’s project team members, who are supplying data from their fleets at postcode geographies.

“We will then develop a methodology to compare this fleet footprint data with information about on- and off-street households to provide a view of which fleet drivers are in local authorities where there is high kerbside charging demand.

“The online map we then construct will be public facing and available for everyone to query and interrogate.”

AFP is expecting to use data from major fleets operating EVs totalling about 160,000 drivers but they have also issued a general data call from any businesses across the country that might be able to contribute.



Zap-map’s Olly Goodall tells us:

Birmingham-based Voltempo, a developer of new technology for electric vehicles (EVs), has announced the launch of its new HyperCharging™ technology. According to the company, the new technology can deliver 1,000kW of power – 2.8 times that of any comparable charging system.

Voltempo says: “Our HyperCharging systems are designed with charge point and public network operators in mind. We recognise that it is vital that you have a HyperCharging solution that is reliable, scalable to meet growing demands and is efficient and future-proof.” 


London lamp posts used as charge points

Ubitricity has further expanded its public on-street charging network in the UK with the installation of 242 new lamp post charge points on behalf of London’s Brent Council.


Massive Battery Plant receives Government Backing

Battery cell technology and R&D company Britishvolt has received Government backing to power ahead with plans for a full-scale electric-vehicle (EV) Gigaplant in Northumberland with support coming through its Automotive Transformation Fund, delivered by the Advanced Propulsion Centre.


RAC using electric van to attend breakdowns

The RAC has started using an electric patrol vehicle to attend breakdowns. The company is piloting a zero-emission Renault Zoe Van E-Tech which is one of the few EVs on the market capable of carrying the necessary tools and parts needed to fix four out of five breakdowns on the spot.