John Challen, Editor of Fleetworld Magazine gives his verdict on a very special MG EV

The brand’s best-seller has been given a makeover and it’s a big step forward – inside and out – says John Challen 


WHAT IS IT? An all-electric, no-nonsense estate

HOW MUCH? From £30,995

HOW FAR? 250 miles

HOW LONG TO CHARGE? 10-80%: 35 minutes (150kW DC charger)


There’s a lot to be said for keeping it simple. Car trends, designs and segments will come and go but, often, the original ideas are the ones that work the best. Take the MG5 EV – the manufacturer’s best-selling car in 2021 and one that fleet chief Geriant Issac has a lot of confidence in. While the MG4 – its smaller, newer sibling – has won a lot of fans since it arrived earlier in 2021, the big estate has arguably more appeal across a wider range of drivers.

So the arrival of a revised ‘5’ – noted as the fifth best-selling EV in 2022 (and second best-selling estate) according to SMMT’s September data – is a big deal for MG. With fleet drivers accounting for 50% of the outgoing model’s 11,000 units sold since it was launched in 2020, it’s big for business, too. MG says MG5 was the model that enabled it to speak to many fleet customers who were previously out of reach.

The replacement looks set to carry on that trend as more and more businesses look to transition to EV.

Given it’s not been a massive amount of time since the first car came onto the market, several elements remain in the MG5 Mk II. For example, the same 61kWh battery – which provides up to 250 miles of theoretical range (WLTP) (235 for the Trophy) has been carried over. The new MG5 also still offers copious amounts of space – 1,367 litres, when the rear seats are folded flat, to be exact. Let’s face it – it’s an impressive package for a vehicle priced at just over £30,000.

The lineup has been revised – and simplified too. There are two trim options this time – SE and Trophy – and six colours to choose from. From a design point of view, there are also notable upgrades. There’s a new look front and back to bring MG5 into line with the ‘family’ face of the MG4, while LED lighting all round comes as standard on all models. All MG5s also have fresh wheel designs – 16-inchers are standard on the SE and 17s on the Trophy, which also offers privacy glass. Inside, there’s an infotainment upgrade by way of a 10.25-inch screen. Upgraded software means the system runs more smoothly and quickly and are helped by a more crisp and intuitive display. In addition to the main central widescreen, there’s a 7in cockpit display, displaying regularly used information clearly.

Standard with all MG5 models is MG Pilot, the company’s safety suite that includes: active emergency braking (with pedestrian an bicycle detection); adaptive cruise control (with traffic jam assist); intelligent speed limit; lane keep assist (with lane departure warning) and intelligent high beam assist. While some of those features may get more use with some drivers than others, at least they are included in the package.

Another new feature is iSmart – MG’s connected car technology that enables drivers to download and use the app to monitor and control certain aspects of the vehicle.

There’s also a 500kg towing capability, which might not be massive, will appeal to some drivers. Finally in the ‘new for MG5’ category is vehicle-to-load technology – useful for many different situations.

As with all EVs, there’s instant power thanks to the 154hp total output from the 115kW motor. It’s not got rapid acceleration – the zero to 60mph sprint is dispatched in 7.3 seconds and the MG5’s top speed is 115mph – but that isn’t what really matters in the MG5. There isn’t widespread use of premium materials but, again, that’s arguably not what the average MG5 driver is looking for. Give them comfortable seats, buttons in all the right places, a sensible infotainment setup and plenty of driving range and the majority will be delighted. Dynamically, there are more attractive propositions, but you can’t fault the ‘5’. It’s got three driving modes to choose from – eco, normal and sport – giving drivers the option to alter their driving style according to road conditions or how they are feeling. Essentially, it does everything well, with an impressive loadspace and – importantly – improvements in all areas compared with the outgoing model.

Meanwhile, those drivers and fleets looking for peace of mind for managing costs can be safe in the knowledge that residual values are strong for MG5 – 54.9% for the SE and 53.8% for Trophy models – and the electric estate offers a seven year/80,000-mile warranty as standard.



The MG5 might not have the external design of a new-generation EV, nor does it offer the level of specification of some other contenders. However, what it does have on its side is functionality, reliability and simplicity. The ‘5’ will appeal to lots of drivers for many reasons, be it space, an electric car in a standard body or value for money. MG has high hopes for its big fleet contender – and with good reason.


+ Value for money; driving range; interior space and storage

- Limited trim and colour options; basic interior

7-word summary 'A cost-effective electric estate for fleets'

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