Honda-E Review

In the first episode of a brand new EVTalk series of film reviews, Battery ElectroChemist, Dr Euan McTurk and Generate Media’s Ric Boullemier put the all electric Honda E to the test. 

Says Euan: “This small urban or city car has a UK starting price of £34,420 or €29,995 in the Republic of Ireland. It has a 35.5 kWh battery or 28.5 kWh usable and offers a range of up to 105 miles or 170 km per single charge.


On Board Charger 

The HondaE even has a 6.6 kW on board charger and can charge at a speed of up to 56 kW using a rapid CCS charger.”

Describing the interior of the HondaE as “the most intuitive of any electric car with everything you could possible want right at your finger tips”, Euan adds that it is the best laid car he has ever sat in or driven, electric or otherwise. 



Inside the HondaE has been inspired by a home living-room and the centre screens include a virtual aquarium which Euan describes as lovely and “a bit bonkers”!

The HondaE comes complete with HDMI port and a 1.5 kW 3 pin domestic socket and will do from 0 – 60 mph in 9 seconds.

The one drawback which Euan notes in his review is the ‘under-sized battery’ which he believes is disappointing, but adds that the vehicle will last for an awfully long time and cover hundreds of thousands of miles, but with a greater range this would be a replacement for his Tesla Model S.

Check out the film now and let us know whether you agree with Euan’s thoughts in the comments.

EV Talk: The Faster Project Review series has been produced in association with the Arnold Clark Innovation Centre.


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