EV Owner / Driver Interviews


In the first of our series of interviews, EVA Scotland asked Fife pharmacist Allan Shields, Pharmacy Director & Prescribing Pharmacist why the pharmacy decided to go all-electric….


EVA Scotland: Why did you go for an electric vehicle?

Allan: Pharmacy deliveries tend to be stop/start local journeys. Despite using diesel & petrol vans in the past, in my opinion EVs fit the bill for this much better with their quick start up, smooth & responsive driving and less wear on the mechanics compared to an ICE vehicle. The lack of a gearbox or clutch make it far more pleasurable to drive through towns. 

There is also fuel cost savings & tax benefits in comparison to diesel equivalents and as a company we are conscious to keep our operations as environmentally-friendly as possible.


EVA Scotland: Is this the first one and will there be more?

Allan: Yes this is our first & I expect this to be the norm for any future vehicles we operate.


EVA Scotland: What advantages did you see an EV offering the business?

Allan: Fuel costs, Tax savings, positive PR, Improving OUR carbon footprint


EVA Scotland: Had you driven an EV before?

Allan: Yes, personally I have owned a Peugeot e2008 since Dec'20 and covered over 20k miles. My commute is around 85 miles travelling from Dunfermline each day so an EV suits my personal needs perfectly too.


EVA Scotland: How many miles range does your battery give and how many miles a year do you expect to drive in it?

Allan: Anywhere between 100-150miles on a full charge. I'd expect it to cover 7-8k miles per year.


EVA Scotland: Who will be driving the EV and what make / model is it?

Allan: It's a 2021 Seat Mii Electric, usually driven by our delivery driver Paul Bignell and also by our Pharmacy Colleagues - Jill, Louise & Mel


EVA Scotland: What vehicle does it replace? 

A 2012 Peugeot Bipper diesel van 


EVA Scotland: What are the main areas your pharmacy serves?

Allan: Leuchars, Balmullo, Guardbridge, Cupar, Dairsie with some additional deliveries also to Newport & Tayport