EV Conversion “loophole needs to be changed”

says Dr Euan McTurk - Consultant Battery Electrochemist at Plug Life Consulting Ltd and EVA Scotland member and media commentator

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Petition time! In the UK, petrol and diesel vehicles from 2000 or earlier that are converted to electric are recognised by the DVLA as electric (so get EV £0 tax benefits), but vehicles from 2001-2017 aren't. This unfairly penalises some of the cleanest vehicles on the road, and needs to change. 

Making 2001-2017 vehicles eligible for reclassification to electric will result in a much faster transition to EVs, especially in vehicle sectors where brand new electric options are currently lacking. There are loads of vehicle types where reliability, running costs and access to Low Emission Zones are essential, and many of those vehicle makes and models number in the thousands in the UK alone. As such, retrofitting them to electric will provide a huge boost to the UK automotive supply chain. It's a win-win. 

Tony Shorthouse said

“As we get closer to 2030, there will be stocks of ICE of all kinds that are increasingly hard to shift. There should be off the shelf conversions by then, and could even become a revenue earner for existing dealership workshops. These vehicles will also need warranties suitable for the conversions, and ensure insurance handles them in the right way. ICE in an otherwise usable vehicle could arguably present an avoidable, but much more significant recycling and environmental issue than is being discussed at present.”

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Randal 'Tiny' Smith BEM MSc BEng(Hons) CEng FRAeS FinstLM

posted….”Well done for spotting this Euan. Seems a very strange loop hole that needs to be looked at. I wonder how many people it has potentially blocked from doing an EV conversion to help the overall mass EV adoption?"