Electric vans market share doubles

New data released by transport research group New AutoMotive reveales that electric vans market share has doubled compared to October last year.

Last year, the UK electric van market share stood at 4%. (Oct 2021) -  it is now 9%. Total sales volume also increased from 1,092  to 1669. 

Commenting on the data, Ciara Cook, Research and Policy Officer at New AutoMotive, says: “October marks the third time this year that electric van sales have met or exceeded the proposed ZEV Mandate electric van targets of 8% in 2024. This is a clear sign to the government that these proposed targets are far below what is achievable for the electric van market, and it risks slowing down the growth the scheme seeks to incentivise. These targets must be raised.

“The electric van market cannot be allowed to become a victim of its success. Sales figures have doubled since October last year. Instead, the government must use the ZEV mandate to ensure adequate supply and protect the electric van market from the supply issues that have plagued the passenger vehicle market. With electric van sales still behind that of passenger vehicles, lessons learnt from the car market must inform the government's approach to encouraging the take-up of electric vans.

“The new transport secretary, the Right Honourable Mark Harper MP, can score an early win by more ambitious targets for the take-up of electric vans. This will help to ensure the UK cuts transport emissions and meets its net zero targets, as well as helping to support businesses in accessing the running cost savings electric vans offer.”

Tristan Thomas, CEO and co-founder of Packfleet: “It’s great to see that the market share for electric vans has doubled from October last year. At Packfleet, all of our vans are electric, and it’s clear to us there is an increasing demand for green delivery - especially in the run up to Christmas.

“Customers are increasingly expecting businesses to act responsibly and keep their carbon emissions in check, and at such a busy time for courier services, it’s important for them to be as green as they can to reduce the long term negative impacts. If there has to be more vans on the road for seasonal deliveries, then it’s better for them to operate as sustainably as possible and electric vehicles are a great step in the right direction.

“It’s encouraging to know that the UK has hit its electric van target yet again, and Packfleet is proud to be at the forefront of the green delivery revolution.”

The data comes from New AutoMotive’s Electric Van Count (EVC), which provides measurability, expert insight and analysis of this data – to help meet the government’s ambition to phase out sales of diesel and petrol vans from 2030 and hybrids from 2035. The Electric Van Count follows in the success of New AutoMotive’s Electric Car Count, the most up-to-date and comprehensive electric car sales data in the UK.