Charge Point of the Week…

...courtesy of Fergus Wilson Business Development manager and Electric Vehicle Specialist at Western Maxus


“This week I visited the Union Street public car park in Bo'ness for a shot of their Charge Place Scotland chargers. It was a decent location all be it only suitable for cars not commercial vehicles. Access was tight and the EV vans I drive for work would have too much overhang to safely charge there.

The chargers were easy to find and all in working order so bonus points for that considering the maintenance issues highlighted in previous posts.

I did encounter a typical problem for those looking to charge on the go. Despite having checked availability on the app prior to setting off, when I arrived the 50kw rapid charge facility was in use, leaving me to charge on the 22kw AC (significantly slower charge point) costing me circa 2 hours to achieve my required charge level. As I work remotely this was no major inconvenience but for many this will be a real prohibiting factor to charging here.

Todays experience also raised a question relating to public chargers which I'm not qualified to answer. (Perhaps one of my connections can help out below!)
Despite the CPS chargers having both a CCS and Chademo tethered connector, if either one is in use it means the other can not be used. Is this something that can be retrospectively changed or will the physical infrastructure e. g. pavements/roads once again need lifted to extend the charging capabilities there.
Overall an indifferent experience due to the considerable time used up!”