Blood Bikes Scotland

Blood Bikes Scotland adds another electric addition to their fleet

Blood Bikes Scotland is a charity volunteer organisation that operates a free, transportation service for 4 NHS Scotland Health Boards, specifically, NHS Lothian, Fife, Borders and Forth Valley.  

Using 14 specially adapted hi-viz motorbikes and 3 cars, our dedicated team of 120+ volunteers, deliver samples (Including Covid-19), medical equipment, baby milk etc. to/from Hospitals, care homes and patient’s homes. Our service is simple. Where the NHS would make use of an expensive taxi or courier, we offer this service free of charge as a way of ‘giving something back’.  We also assist by undertaking long distance relays from hospitals to anywhere in the UK - all free of cost to the NHS.  

2020 Blood Bikes Scotland stats:

Number of individual runs:- 10,000+ (5,000 in 2019)

Number of Volunteer hours - 22,000+

Number of volunteers undertaking tasks for NHS - 120+

Operational Hours :-  Mon-Fri 8am to 8pm / Weekends 8am to 4pm 

Savings in Taxi and Courier costs to NHS - £240,000+

Cost to NHS - £0

In 2017 we purchased 'Alice' a BMW CEvo electric scooter.  This has been used in an around Edinburgh mainly transferring, daily, samples from the old Sick Kids Hospital to the Royal Infirmary Edinburgh labs. The scooter is ideal in town and with it's 100 mile range, there was no need mid-shift to recharge. 

It is only recently that electric motorcycles, capable of being large enough to transport all the items our traditional petrol Blood Bikes carry, have been on the market.  

As a charity, we receive no statutory funding and we strive to spend the grants and donations we receive in a cost effective manner but the purchase cost of an electric motorcycle, versus a similar sized petrol bike, had been prohibitive i.e. almost double the price.  When the opportunity came from the Community Climate Action Fund / Keep Scotland Beautiful to apply for a grant we knew this was an opportunity we could embrace.  Fortunately, the CCAF thought so too, and our application was approved.  

The Zero SR/S is a great addition to the fleet and it is already in service in NHS Lothian where we do a lot of transportation of items across the city.  

 Every penny we raise through our own fundraising efforts goes into the running of the charity. We receive no statutory funding from the NHS or Government.  The Charity is 100% voluntary and 100% self funded.

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