As electric vehicle sales, month by month exceed all expectations, forecourts are changing

As electric vehicle sales, month by month exceed all expectations, forecourts are changing...Norrie Hunter reports.

Throughout the UK, many diesel and petrol pumps are now being replace in forecourts by rapid charge points, with leading retailers such as members of the Motor Fuel Group heading the pack.

MFG’s dual-fuel strategy has led to the development of an infrastructure way ahead of the EV power demand... but this is alongside existing fuel and forecourt retail business. The company says it’s investing £400m and has already installed (in partnership with others) electric chargers at 108 of its sites which, it says is “the highest number in the independent forecourt sector”.

“With our ultra-rapid 150kW and 350kW chargers, a vehicle that can take that charge can add 100 miles range in approximately 10 minutes,” says MFG on its website.


Dual-Fuel Strategy

Over the coming decades, MFG will operate a dual fuel strategy, meaning it will continue to provide existing fossil fuel infrastructure whilst placing equal importance on rolling out ultra-rapid EV charging hubs. On route charging will be a particularly important infrastructure for those drivers who do not have access to ‘at home’ charging. In England, over 60% of dwellings in cities and urban areas do not have garages or other off-road parking provisions, and so must rely on electricity from publicly accessible networks.

William Bannister, CEO, MFG, commented:
“We have already invested significantly, and ahead of the curve, on EV charging across our portfolio. We have an ambitious roll-out programme for 2022 which is focused on our network throughout the UK. Our EV sites are modern in design and provide a high-quality retail and consumer experience for the community and for motorists to use whilst charging their vehicles. We look forward to delivering on our strategic plans throughout 2022.”