All new UK car buyers set to switch to electric vehicles once prices drop - ‘no surprise!’

...Courtesy of Daily Express Cars

ALL NEW car buyers in the UK are ready to switch to a plug-in vehicle as soon as the price matches those of petrol and diesel models, according to a new report.

According to the “Driving Away From Fossil Fuels” report, 100 percent of the 2,000 car buyers in the UK indicated they would opt for an electric vehicle if they were sold for the same price as equivalent conventional cars. The data, commissioned by EV campaign group FairCharge, looked at drivers’ underlying preferences by comparing vehicle attributes, costs and specifications.

Quentin Wilson, founder of FairCharge, a former Top Gear presenter - he recently joined EVA Scotland to lobby government for fairer charging costs- , said the progress was promising, but more needed to be done to ensure drivers switch.

He said: “As someone who has been driving electric cars for over a decade the results of this landmark survey come as no surprise. 

“We’re seeing more and more EVs on our roads as word spreads from delighted owners and drivers switch to electric to avoid the spiralling costs of filling up with diesel and petrol. 

“But the Government needs ambitious EV quota proposals to ensure that the car industry has the right commercial environment to build enough EVs to satisfy this growing demand. 

“We passed the tipping point of electrification last year and this year there are now some electric cars with waiting lists measured in years.”

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