Transport Scotland (TS) EVA Scotland Q1 Meeting 2021 Update

12th Feb 2021

Transport Scotland (TS) EVA Scotland Q1 Meeting 2021 Update

TS update

ChargePlace Scotland (CPS) update. TS provided an update on the contract for the new CPS operator, indicating that a slight delay has occurred as a result of current events. TS indicate that this delay should be a matter of weeks only.

TS provided an update on the current social media campaign being undertaken by CPS and that the network has now passed 1500 charge points.

EVA Scotland asked for an update on the network outage in 2020. This was caused by an overall BPChargemaster platform failure. Work is underway to develop an action plan for deployment in the event of any similar future events.

Discussion was had on the necessary behaviour of charge points in the event of loss of server function, with EVA Scotland expecting the units to automatically revert to unauthorised (cached) vend. EVA Scotland expressed the opinion that the CPS network is now an asset of strategic national importance, requiring systems to be in place to ensure the most robust service possible.

EVA Scotland:

EVA Scotland reported the growth of EV Associations in across the Isles, with EVA England supported by EVA Scotland being foremost. Wales and Northern Ireland also nascent. In Eire a similar organisation is also involved. Work to develop an umbrella organisation is being undertaken.

The timescales for the repairs for charge point owners was raised by EVA Scotland, with some locations where failed units have persisted for significant periods. TS report that this is now an assigned role within TS. EVA Scotland extended our support for this and will set up a forum topic for members to highlight problem units. Details will appear on the forum, but we remind members that fault tickets must be raised with CPS first. And if possible, included on the forum posts.

A short discussion on tariffs and the divergent approaches identified with Local Authorities. EVA Scotland noted our position of seeking a universal tariff structure, allowing simpler understanding and comparison across Scotland. TS suggested this could be raised at a future Host Day, once circumstances permit. EVA Scotland stated that this is something that we should participate in.

EVA Scotland raised the issue of branding on BPChargemaster supplied infrastructure on the CPS network. Recent communication regarding Robroyston in particular highlighted the confusion this has the potential to create. TS reported that the branding within the software should have been removed. EVA Scotland welcomed this but would have to rely on members local to the units to confirm due to current travel restrictions. A forum topic to collate member experience. EVA Scotland also indicated that as BPChargemaster was also a manufacturer as well as a network, the presence of their logo on the front of the unit was part of the issue and suggested that this either be omitted or covered with a CPS decal.

EVA Scotland requested that TS look into supporting the development of the EV conversion market, including any potential funding or loan schemes. This creates an opportunity again broaden access to the EV market while minimising the embodied carbon required for new EV production. Of particular note, the potential for conversion of existing bus fleets was raised. The potential for electric maritime conversions was also noted.

The need for national route signage, assisting current EV drivers in their journeys was made, with the further benefit that this creates awareness among non-EV drivers of the widespread presence of chargers, offering support toward their making the shift to EV


“...the CPS network is now an asset of strategic national importance…”  And *finally* the penny begins to drop.  *If* HMG is serious about us all transitioning to EVs (let alone by 2035) a reliable, ubiquitous, easy to use and fairly priced ‘rapid’ EV charging infrastructure is *essential*, just as essential as the maintenance and improvement of the highway network.  EVA should be congratulated for trying to make the utter nincompoops that populate our government offices wake up to this fact and should be pushing HMG to put very tough penalty clauses on private (government appointed if not funded) provider contracts for significant failures in EV charging services.

(... and nice to see a wee i-MiEV being used in the articles photo.  What a massively wasted opportunity these fabulous little cars were!)  MW

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