Transport Scotland network development consutation

9th Dec 2019

Transport Scotland network development consutation

We were recently contacted by Transport Scotland for a discussion on changes to the guidelines for infrastructure specifications. The key points discussed were the provision of contactless payment facilities on all #JourneyChargers being installed going forward. This is something that the Association and its members have been seeking for some time. TS will implement this, and you will be seeing units arriving with the card reader from now on.

The second aspect was the capability of #JourneyChargers. Increasingly manufacturers are moving away from providing AC. This is a result of market forces but has implications for certain models of cars. The provision of 43kW AC capability supports a small subset of vehicles. TS agrees that provision must be made for the AC only market, but the outlet products are being offered with are moving to 22kW capability, matching the changes in the car models. The specifications will change to allow DC only #JourneyChargers as an option, but with the precondition that the installation shall include the provision of a stand-alone 22kW post. We have asked that this be over and above any AC provision planned where possible. There are advantages and disadvantages here, but with suitably laid out infrastructure, four bays could, for example, support two cars on DC and 2 on AC power simultaneously, where the previous provision could support 1 of each only The impact on 43kW capable vehicles will only apply to new infrastructure under this model, existing infrastructure is to be maintained. Please continue to be considerate and try to keep the 43kW outlets free for vehicles that can make the best use of them. The design remains the responsibility of each individual Charge Point Operator on the CPS network. The OREF/EVA Scotland infrastructure guide is available here.

We requested that the DC cable options in such a scenario should, where practicable, be able to reach the majority of vehicle charge ports irrespective of the bay they are parked in. Support for CHAdeMO and CCS will be required at all locations. TS expects this to encourage a broader range of hardware to be available to choose from under the current funding arrangements.

As we understand that Transport Scotland under the existing framework will not be funding greater than 50kW units through the current EST funding arrangements. There is however scope for alternate funding sources to be identified for any CPO wishing to install higher capacity units. Integration of third party developments is something that the Association continues to advocate for, as we see this as an area that supports both the users and any network potentially looking to develop an offering in Scotland.

(This is in parallel with our ongoing request for the introduction of full Open Charge Point Interface (OCPI) roaming to be supported by the CPS network.)


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