The Paterson simply plug-in and turn on

27th Apr 2022

The Paterson simply  plug-in and turn on

Shirley Paterson from Glenrothes in Fife and her twin daughters are not just EV drivers but avid myth busters and staunch supporters of all things electric.

Here, in this exclusive feature for EVA Scotland, is a ‘day-in-the-life’ of one woman who believes it is time that all Scots drivers realised the benefits of all-electric motoring and come to terms with the reality of where Scotland and the rest of the world is heading on the rapid transition away from petrol and diesel transportation… Norrie Hunter reports.

Talking to Shirley Paterson is not only inspirational but infectious. Her enthusiasm knows no bounds but it goes much deeper than this! She wants Scotland’s motorists to realise the truth behind the EV revolution that has seen EV sales soar by 75% year-on-year north of the border.

And, for the Patersons from Glenrothes, it’s a totally family thing! Her 19-year old twin daughters have “taken to driving electric like ducks to water”, says Shirley, “after learning to drive and passing their driving tests in a manual diesel-fuelled car.” Both now drive their Zoe EV.

It infuriates this intrepid EV-er when she comes across some people saying - “Electric vehicles don’t go that far! Oh really? I hear this stated so often - it’s a myth that I really want to help bust!

“I’m well used to long working days - that’s not a complaint and those who know me, understand that I simply love my work, mainly due to the substantial benefits that I help bring to fruition for my clients!”

Note: Her electric car has now taken her just over 64,565 miles – she has no backup of any petrol or diesel - ONLY electricity!

As an example of a day in the life of this Renewable Technology Specialist & Energy Assessor/Adviser, here’s her account of the route she travelled recently.…318 miles in just over 7.5 hours!

Follow her recent journey (as posted on LINKEDIN:)


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