Scottish Government Energy Networks Vision Summit Report

7th Feb 2021

Scottish Government Energy Networks Vision Summit Report

​Last year the Association participated in the Scottish Governments Energy Networks Vision Summit. The summit took place in February, so was closely followed by lockdown and publication has been delayed. The Scottish Government recognises that the world has changed since February 2020, but the discussions and output of the summit presented in the report are valid and form part of the drive for a green economic recovery from the pandemic.

1. The ScottishGovernment should develop, in more detail, a whole system approach for energy which indicates clearly to the UK Government and Ofgem the role that energy networks need to play in the wider energy system in order to realise Scottish decarbonisation and economic ambitions.

2. The Scottish Government should work with the network companies and Ofgem to develop a shared understanding of the role of energy networks in delivering low carbon transport, low carbon heat and supporting industrial decarbonisation.

3. The Scottish Government should work with Ofgem and the network companies to improve the recognition and integration of local energy planning into decisions and policy affecting network development.

4. The Scottish Government, Ofgem and network companies should collaborate to ensure that fairness, a just transition, and the growth of a green economy are central to decisions made about the development of energy networks, given these networks’ importance in helping Scotland’s people to engage in and benefit from the transition to net zero.

Download the report here.


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