Scotland figures highly in the FASTNED charge point agenda

16th Jun 2022

Scotland figures highly in the FASTNED charge point agenda

Rapid charging stations, similar to the hub opened recently by European electric vehicle (EV) charging company Fastned in Hamilton will be installed in key areas of Scotland, forming part of a countrywide strategy by the company, according to a spokesperson this week.

New ambitions and financial targets for the coming years are part of the company’s commitment to accelerating the growth of its network of rapid charging stations throughout Europe “to prepare for the growing number of electric vehicles hitting the roads in the coming years”.

Fastned says it expects to build 100 new stations per year and, by the end of 2024 with the aim of doubling the size of its European network to at least 400 stations, that will require funding of between £44 -65million.

Before 2030, it says it expects to have a network of 1,000 rapid charging points at prime locations, such as along high-traffic corridors in Europe. The average number of charging devices per station will increase from four in 2021 to six by 2025 and more than eight by 2030.

And Scotland is well within their sites. Tom Hurst, UK Country Manager, Fastned said:

““We were delighted to open our new station in Hamilton… currently the biggest in Scotland, with eight 300 kW ultra-rapid charging bays. But as proud as we are of this station - our second in Scotland - we are not stopping there. We will have more stations opening across Scotland in the coming months and years, providing Scottish EV drivers with easy, fast, comfortable charging and giving drivers who have not yet made the switch the confidence to do so.”

According to Michiel Langezaal, CEO of Fastned, “In ten years, we have built one of the largest networks of rapid charging stations, covering six countries in Europe, and we offer one of the best charging concepts in the market. But we’ve only just begun. Sales of electric vehicles throughout Europe will grow exponentially in the coming years. Fastned is uniquely positioned to cater to the exponentially growing charging needs of all of those new electric cars hitting the roads.

“We’re constantly working to increase the pace at which we roll out our network while entering more countries in Europe as the electric vehicle revolution continues.


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