Osprey Charging charges up Haddington

16th May 2022

Osprey Charging charges up Haddington

Osprey Charging Network opened a new high-power charging location at Haddington Retail Park, EH41 3DF, just off the A1 outside Edinburgh in April. The three 75kW rapid chargers accept normal contactless bank card payment (as is standard across the Osprey network) and can charge all rapid-enabled vehicles on UK roads today.

A spokesman for Osprey Charging said: “To optimise available power at the site whilst serving the maximum number of customers, the chargers can simultaneously charge two cars, delivering up to 50kW to the CCS connector and up to 25kW to the CHAdeMO connector if two cars are plugged in.

“This is unusual for Osprey… we would normally install one charger per bay to ensure the customer has full access to the advertised max available power at the charger. At Haddington, the grid connection was limited and the dwell time at nearby retail justified this power-sharing approach, to maximise the number of cars the chargers can serve at any one time, lowering waiting times.”

Customers of the Haddington Retail Park chargers can use their charging time to shop at The Food Warehouse or Aldi nearby, or recharge themselves at Costa Coffee also on-site.


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