It’s “Goodbye Oil” and ‘GO’ For A Rapid Acceleration In Electric Powered Transportation

10th Nov 2021

It’s “Goodbye Oil” and ‘GO’ For A Rapid Acceleration In Electric Powered Transportation

That was the clear message sent to world leaders attending COP26 in Glasgow by electric vehicle drivers who arrived from 28 countries across the Europe.

As EV vehicles drove in convoy on their on the ‘Electric Road to COP26 their mood was euphoric and their intention in no doubt… a rapid reduction in carbon emissions through the acceleration of electric vehicle production and sales coupled with a strong and sustainable support infrastructure.

The group was in Glasgow urging governments to support policies that will see sales of all new car and light duty vans fitted with a plug by 2030 and to be 100% zero emissions by (at the latest) 2035 in all the 28 countries represented in the Global EV Drivers’ Alliance (GEVA).

The rally to COP26 began in Brussels, with EV drivers motoring up through England visiting a number of businesses involved in the electric vehicle revolution. On their way north to Scotland the convoy of drivers, resembling ‘rally teams’ with vehicles bedeck in decals and logos, visited leading companies who are providing solutions to help combat climate change through their innovative work with electric vehicles and charging.

As they arrived in Scotland EV drivers and their crews were welcomed by EVA Scotland’s directors Neil Swanson and Eleanor Chalmers to three venues – The Kelpies, Forth Valley College and the new £5 million Arnold Clark Innovation Centre in Glasgow drivers were able to see the latest electric vehicle technology and meet with suppliers and supporters of the industry.

Neil Swanson said: “Seeing so many dedicated electric vehicle drivers from so many countries join forces in this way is both inspiring and truly unique. Through their efforts to deliver such an important message across to world leaders helps everyone in this growing movement to tackle the global climate crisis.

“As it said on two of the electric vehicles that arrive north of the border, it’s ‘Goodbye Oil’ and ‘Cool people drive electric’.

Electric vehicles drivers came from countries such as France, Spain, Portugal Slovinia, Germany, Holland and Norway/Sweden to make their voices heard at COP26. All seek a rapid shift to zero emission electric transport, currently being achieved in many countries, to be accelerated through supportive policies.

Piloting his Tesla electric car to COP26, Magnus Johansson a member of the Swedish EVA from Trollhattan, hoped that all world leaders were listening.

He said: “All of us on the Electric Road to COP26 have vitally important messages to deliver to our world leaders… it’s important they recognise the seriousness of the climate change situation, we do!”

“We are delighted to have received such hospitality from both EVA England and EVA Scotland and sincerely hope that our presence during COP26 influences the world’s politicians and makes a real difference.”

On their way north to Glasgow, EV drivers on the ‘Electric Road to COP26’ charged up with 100% renewable electricity at the GRIDSERVE Electric Forecourt in Essex The company is pioneering Electric Forecourts and Electric Hubs which are part of its Electric Highway, a UK-wide EV charging network powered by net zero carbon sustainable energy.

At Grimsby, drivers called in to see myenergi in Grimsby where they will see some of the latest EV charging and zero carbon home energy solutions. Their route north took them to the construction site of the Britishvolt EV battery gigafactory in Northumberland - the first site of its kind in the country that will manufacturing sustainable batteries for electric vehicles.

Arriving in Scotland they visited The Kelpies before making way to Falkirk where companies such as Planet Mark with an innovative, all-electric bus, Home charge point installers Jorro and Campervanco displaying their hybrid campervan vehicle while explaining their move to produce the first ever all electric campervan in Scotland. Octopus EV also provided electric vehicle driving opportunities at some of the locations on the route to Glasgow.

Leaving Falkirk, the Planet Mark’s Zero Carbon Tour Bus then led the Electric Road motorway convoy to the Arnold Clark Innovation Centre in Glasgow. The £5 million Centre is pioneering electric vehicle awareness and providing information on alternative fuels. It sports a range of over 60 alternative fuel vehicles from different manufacturers including fully electric cars, plug-in hybrids, hybrids, and commercial vehicles such as the Volkswagen ID.4, Mercedes EQC, Mini Electric, Hyundai Kona, Kia e-Niro, BMW X2, MG ZS and BMW i3.

The European drivers were joined at the Arnold Clark Innovation Centre by speakers Neil Kermode from the Orkney Renewable Energy Forum, Andrew Bissell from Sunamp and Fiona Howarth from Octopus for EVA Scotlands live streamed webinar.

The Electric Road to COP26 has been organised by EVA England, EVA Scotland, GEVA – the global alliance of EV groups - and Local EV Groups (NEXUS).

A report by

Norman Hunter


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