FASTER project two-part special

24th May 2022

FASTER project two-part special

The upcoming series of electric vehicle focused films have been produced to support motorists living in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland who may be considering switching to zero emission vehicles over the coming months and years

Webinars will be chaired by Scotland’s Euan McTurk, an electro chemist and member of the Electric Vehicle Association Scotland.

He said:” In a two-part special, we shall welcome EV experts from the Arnold Clark Innovation Centre in Glasgow, Eco Cars and Next Eco Car to discuss the breadth of electric vehicle options on the market today and what to look for when choosing an EV that suits your needs. This will be followed by a discussion on how to plan an EV summer road trip with the help of experts from Zap-Map, WattsUp and EV owner associations from Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.”

“We want to hear questions from the public on these topics, which we shall put to our panellists in the Q&A sessions.

Looking forward to the launch of the films, presenter Dr Euan McTurk, added;

‘This series of films is all about getting people into Electric Vehicles and showing them that there is a broad selection of EVs out there and our intention is to show ten of the best new and used examples, everything from tiny city cars up to big-sturdy vans.’

Donal Monaghan, FASTER Project Officer at South West College said;

“Electric vehicles can be a suitable alternative to the traditional petrol and diesel powered vehicles that we are all familiar with. The team has carefully selected a range of vehicles to feature that will meet the needs of many different motorists living in Scotland, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. We would also like to extend our thanks to the team at the Arnold Clark Innovation Centre in Glasgow for their invaluable assistance throughout production on the film series.”

The ‘EV Talk on Film’ series will premiere in June with a new film to be released on a monthly basis. The promotional trailer is available to watch. Click here to to trailer


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