EV Motorbike Market Growing

4th Sep 2019

EV Motorbike Market Growing

eMotorbike sales in Europe have grown 77% so far this year, VisorDown reports the growth focused mainly on personal commuter transport such as escooters, particularly among users who either can’t afford a car, or for use when cities have limited the use of cars in general. Although the figure represents less than 4% of the overall market, it is still a welcome shift toward greater electromobility.

More bikes are still slowly filtering through the pipeline, MCN has a list of their top 13 here, with major manufacturer starting to move toward supplying more powerful models.

The RMK E2 from Finland (pictured) offers some exciting innovation in the sector. The E2 sports a hubless rear wheel with motor regen controlled via what would usually be the clutch on the handlebars as the sole rear brake, as well as sat nav built into the frame console. An awesome option might be a Tron lightbike pedestrian noise.


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