Canada to establish single payment system

8th Sep 2019

Canada to establish single payment system

Over in Canada, the Federal Government is working to establish a single payment system for all charge points across the nation. It isn’t clear what Mogile Technologies are looking at, but at a simple level, it suggests that an OCPI hub would play a role. The proposal seems to centre around the Charge-Hub offering vehicles, home charging and common access to a number of networks. It does seem a little like re-inventing an existing product, but for an EV driver in a country this size, it is likely to prove a useful boost to encouraging the shift to greener, cleaner travel.

The Association already supports the move toward a single access system, irrespective of which network you sign up with, allowing all networks access to greater revenue streams.


I am a regular visitor to Toronto where my son lives and have seen the slow uptake for electric vehicles. It is a large country and people think nothing of driving 1000 km - which only high end Tesla’s can achieve. The electric car makes sense for commuting but family economics will still rule. Petrol there is so cheap, ones fuel bill is not yet a reason to change if you are not bothered by the environment! Good idea for a single system though. Same as Scotland!
Peter Donaldson.

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