UK ‘scrap and replace’ scheme ‘could be an option’ to ditch petrol and diesel cars for EVs

A SCRAPPAGE scheme could be used in the future across the UK to help accelerate the transition to electric cars happen even faster, similar to measures already taken in New Zealand.

Matthew Walters, Head of Consultancy Services LeasePlan UK, spoke to about how the scheme could be adapted for the UK.

 He said: “The main advantage that a scrappage scheme has over some of the UK’s existing EV policies is that it provides a financial incentive for people to make the switch.  

“This offers up a huge carrot to drivers who want to cut their costs and carbon emissions, rather than trying to make them go EV through governmental ‘sticks’ like Clean Air Zones (although these are also very important).

“It will also help a greater number of low- and medium-earning drivers to go electric, by bringing down the upfront costs.  

“These are the drivers who are more likely to opt for a slightly cheaper used diesel or petrol model when they come to replace their vehicle.