Sevadis now compatible with Fuuse, providing new revenue streams for installers


Leading supplier of electric vehicle charging products in the UK, Sevadis, have joined forces with flexible charge point management system Fuuse to offer a full turnkey solution for commercial customers and fleets, whilst supporting the growth of UK installers.  Both OCPP (open charge point protocol) compliant, the two announce the compatibility and in interoperability between their hardware and software.

The Fuuse back office system enables Sevadis to extend its simple, straightforward and seamless EV charging experience to all parties, from driver to operator and the installer.

Installers will benefit from recurring revenues with Fuuse’s white labelled solution, plus features like remote click-to-fix maintenance and comprehensive charging insights providing additional service opportunities. Through the integration, businesses can also enjoy an end-to-end service from project conception to completion and beyond, with full control and visibility over their charging network. 

Craig Slater, Managing Director of Sevadis said:

“Installers play an often overseen pivotal role in the EV revolution, which is why we’re partnering with Fuuse to encourage current and next generation charge point installers to grow their businesses whilst pushing EV rollout forward.

Our entire range of EV charging points are OCPP compliant, so to collaborate with Fuuse provides both parties as well as our customers with significant opportunities as the demand for EV charging increases over time. 

Fuuse is an exciting platform to watch and we’re delighted to be offering the opportunity for our customers to benefit from the complete flexibility the system facilitates including public billing and intelligent insights, as well as upcoming innovations of fleet smart charging, dynamic load balancing, reservations and true charger status alerts with occupancy sensors.”

Michael Gibson, CEO of Fuuse said:

“Sevadis echoes our own belief that the installer community are integral to pushing EV rollout forward.  We’re delighted to be working together to give installers and their customers a comprehensive solution that caters for the emerging challenges and opportunities EV charging presents across sectors.  Together we’ll be helping businesses transition their own fleets: balancing their entire fleets’ charging needs with those of the grid and their site(s) as a whole.  In addition we’ll be responding to the increasing demand for public infrastructure needs from local authorities, destinations and retailers.”

Sevadis’ customers can manage their entire EV network with Fuuse, regardless of number of chargers or sites.  Businesses can manage payments and tariffs, opening hours and driver access whilst monitoring the status and performance of their chargers.  Meanwhile, installers can manage and monitor their entire EV charging empire, whilst providing customers with a seamless charging experience.


About Sevadis

Sevadis, formerly recognised as SmartEv is a leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions to the growing electric vehicle industry. Offering a comprehensive range of AC fast and DC rapid charging solutions for homes, workplaces, fleets, public destinations and developments, Sevadis’ central aim is to provide simple, accessible charging solutions for all.

With a complete OCPP compliant range of charging solutions, Sevadis provides its customers with significant freedom when it comes to controlling and managing their charging network.

Sevadis is one of the fastest growing chargepoint providers in the UK, working with numerous blue-chip corporations to support their electrification plans for the future of a Net Zero nation. 


About Fuuse

Fuuse launched in June 2021 and is a product and brand name of Lancashire based Miralis Data, launched in 2016.

Miralis Data Ltd is a transport-focused cleantech company with substantial software development and data science capabilities. On a mission to reduce carbon emissions across the transport sector, Miralis drives efficiencies, optimises vehicle usage and enables the transition to electric vehicles.

Fuuse is the flagship product of Miralis.  Launched in 2021, Fuuse is the operating system for EV chargers, powering hardware to cater for the evolving needs of organisations and their EV drivers.  Through its intuitive features, Fuuse helps both private and public sectors to get what they need from their EV charging infrastructure.  Fuuse users can save energy, reduce costs, access more chargers, resolve problems quickly and generate revenue from their charging network, from one back-office system.