Driving an electric car could be more financially accessible than you think



“Learner drivers represent the next generation of motorists - a generation which will witness huge strides in tackling climate change across the world… and so more should be encourage to take lessons in an electric car according to Lease Electric Car.


The car leasing company says it has witnessed a 371 per cent increase in demand for hybrid vehicles since the turn of the year amid global uncertainty and rising fuel prices, with more people now considering leasing an electric vehicle instead of purchasing.

A spokesman said: “Factors leading more people to consider electric vehicles are three-fold:

- Record breaking fuel price increases are a real driver for customers considering EV/plug in models

- There is more choice in the market compared to 2020 - around four times as many EV/plug-in hybrids compared to two years ago

- Manufacturers are more actively advertising and promoting their EV and plug-in vehicles as these lower their CO2 commitments.

“With the Government looking to ban the sale of new petrol and diesel cars by 2030, there is increased impetus for motorists to consider investing in electric cars. says cost need not be a huge barrier for people who want to switch to electric.

“A number of factors have increased consumer interest in electric cars in the present UK market. Many people may feel the cost of buying an electric car is out of reach, but there is also the option to lease, and leasing one can cost in the region of £200 a month.

“The price has come down in recent years due to advances in manufacturing and technology, making this a more feasible option than might have been the case in the past.” said: “Many learner drivers represent the next generation of motorists - a generation which will witness huge strides in tackling climate change across the world.

“Already the UK has ambitions to reduce the number of petrol and diesel cars on our roads, and there has been a recent Government announcement suggesting new homes will have EV chargers by law, so the culture towards electric cars is happening.

“It makes sense for a greater number of learner drivers to get the opportunity for all or at least for some of their learning to take place in electric cars as we approach these future milestones.”

The company confirmed that those who have already learnt to drive in electric vehicles and also taken their test in one here in the UK. However, learner drivers who take a test in an EV will only be able to drive electric cars and automatic internal combustion engine (ICE) cars without gears - so this may be seen by some as a barrier to embracing electric vehicles while learning.

However, without the need to learn how to change gears or to use the clutch, this might hold added appeal for some people who otherwise are not keen on learning to drive at the present time.