SWARCO eVOLT Awarded ChargePlace Scotland Contract

16th Mar 2021

SWARCO eVOLT Awarded ChargePlace Scotland Contract

Swarco eVolt has officially been awarded the contract to run ChargePlace Scotland.

From July 2021, Swarco aim to create new jobs at the Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc, improve customer service with new options for users such as pay-as-you-go and provide better performance information for users.

Justin Meyer, Managing Director for Swarco eVolt shared his ambitions for ChargePlace Scotland:

“We share a passion and drive with the Scottish Government, the Local Authorities and the private sector who are responsible for building the network, and are proud to have been actively involved with its development from the very beginning. Our charging technology has become the watchword for reliability and performance in a world that demands certainty, and our approach to smart charging through our e.Connect software solution will be at the heart of the ambition to build a truly world-class network.

SWARCO’s key focus will be on service delivery and maximum uptime. EV drivers will need to have total confidence in the network to keep them on the road, and it is with this in mind that we will be developing the gold standard in service for the driver community.”

Join us at our AGM on Saturday 27th 12:30pm where Justin Meyer will be joining us to discuss the bright future for ChargePlace Scotland


Can anyone tell me if the Swarco transition of ChargePlace Scotland went ahead this week OK?
I can’t see any changes to the website or “My Account” so I wondered what changes, if any, I might expect to see?

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