Scotland’s biggest ultra-rapid charging station opens in Hamilton

20th May 2022

Scotland’s biggest ultra-rapid charging station opens in Hamilton Norrie Hunter

Dutch rapid charging company FASTNED has opened the first ultra-rapid charging station in South Lanarkshire…located in the Palace Grounds Retail Park in Hamilton, just off the A72 and near the M74, the station is Scotland’s biggest ultra-rapid charging hub for EVs.

With eight chargers, each of which is supplied by 100% renewable energy, is capable of adding up to 186 miles of range to fully-electric cars in 15 minutes… says Tom Hurst, FASTNED’S UK Country and Network Development Manager.

Fastned’s Scottish installation programme matches the government’s aims to boost availability of charge points in Scotland by encouraging greater investment from the private sector. This new facility was was part-funded by the Scottish Government’s Low Carbon Infrastructure Transition Programme.

EV drivers will easily locate the new Fastned facility – it boasts a highly visible solar canopy that even helps users stay dry while charging. The possibility is being investigated for a retail outlet and coffee shop on the site!

Opening the new facilities, Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth MSP welcomed Fastned’s commitment to support Scotland’s transition to electric vehicles.

She added: …. “public and private sector partnerships will be key in attracting investment and scaling provision at pace. This new station, with its striking design and powered by renewable energy, is a fantastic example of what can be delivered by industry.

“Scotland is very much at the forefront of the electric vehicle revolution and we are seeing impressive growth in uptake. We want to ensure that the public electric vehicle charging network keeps up with demand to meet the needs of people and businesses across the whole of Scotland.

“Companies like Fastned will have an increasingly important role to play in delivering our Net Zero ambition – bringing their expertise, resources, skills and investment. Its hub in Hamilton is a fantastic example of what can be done to further encourage people to realise the benefits of driving an electric vehicle.”

Amsterdam based Fastned has been developing rapid charging infrastructure for electric vehicles across Europe since 2012.

Jennifer Walls, director of Electric Vehicle Association Scotland said: “It is essential that EV journey charger locations offering multiple simultaneous connections become as common as petrol filling stations across the country. The significant increase we are seeing in drivers switching to all-electric vehicles is incredible and so expanding the charging infrastructure in Scotland is vitally important to meet demand.

“The opening of facilities such as this will be yet a further incentive for owners of petrol and diesel powered vehicles to ignore the myths surrounding the lack of EV charge points and make the switch to all-electric. We are looking forward to seeing many more rapid charging stations installed across the country.”

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Looks fantastic. 8 rapid charge points - excellent! 45p/kWh- excellent again. You mention the myth about lack of charge points. Indeed there are loads of charge points throughout the country, but there is a real lack of multiple rapid charge points. A lot of motorway service stations have one or 2 charge points, which is just not enough. If you manage to get to use one (if it’s working) you are very lucky. Ionity at Gretna Green services have 4, which means you often have to wait to get a charge. For long distance EV driving you don’t want to have to wait and you need to be able to charge to 80% or 90% in approx 30 mins.

Tesla seems to got it right, how come they have and nobody else has? Nice to see that they have now opened 16 of their stations to other EVs but at £0.61 or £0.62/kWh it works out to be more expensive per mile that my old previous diesel car (BMW 520D tourer at ~45 miles/gallon). MFG EV power have the right idea and many of their rapid charge stations are 8 rapid charges, but can be a little way off the motorway routes. I hope to see motorway services stations in the near future have banks of rapid charge points with sensible pricing to encourage the ownership of a long distance EV driving.

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